I am getting married on May 28th, 2016. I am so happy and excited, so I decided to create a page dedicated to the biggest event of my Life! There is still so much to choose, buy, decide, plan and I want to document the whole thing.


In this page I will post pictures, videos and thoughts over the next few months. 


Planning 101: I know nothing about planning a wedding. The details, the color schemes, the length of the dresses... it's a lot to think about. Thankfully there are many minds helping me throughout this process. My family, my fiance and my bridesmaids! I don't want the perfect Wedding. I just want a perfect day with my Hubby to be! You can do a lot of planning, but it comes down to your feelings and to the people around you. It will be ok! 


December 29th, 2015

My Bridesmaids created a group on Facebook, solemnly dedicated to my wedding and the planning involved. How nice was that? I picked the perfect girls to help me on my Big Day! On Friday I am going Dress Shopping! I have an appointment at 4:30pm which I am extremely excited for. Waiting for something to happen is what makes life exciting and beautiful. The planning, the anxiety (the good kind!) and the wait... 

Will also try to stop by Barnes and Noble today to buy some more Bridal Magazines, I need some fresh new ideas. I am fixated in the idea of having Blush/Pale Pink Bridesmaid Dresses. It's either that or dark blue. I love both but the pale pink it's a lot more subtle, so maybe I'll just stick with that. The venue decorations will be a champagne color which I think will go well with the dresses. Not that it has to match or anything! 

I also have to get my invitations done. The invitations are ready to print, I just need confirmation from one of the venues regarding their availability. Once that part is all set along with the dress, it will be a lot closer. 

Just to think that I still have to endure a whole semester of cold weather and graduate courses before my Big Day, seems like it's going to be an eternity until we set foot in Europe. 


Bucket List: 

I have created a Bucket List for the first half of 2016. Since I am getting married in May, I thought I'd create a list that would incorporate things that I have been wanting to do for a while but never do, and end with the last 2 things on my Bucket List 1. My Wedding Ceremony, 2. Travel to France/UK. My list is very achievable which makes me even more excited. I feel like I create a list like this before I achieve a milestone in my life. Only this time I decided to actually write it down, so that I don't forget what I am supposed to do! Maybe I'll share my Bucket List with you... 


January 5th, 2016

I have bough my Wedding Dress! I don't actually got to bring it home, but it arrives on February 5th. I will try it again then and do any adjustments that might be necessary. I am so excited I found the dress I was looking for. I did not want anything too revealing. My mom and grandma helped me pick out my dress. I never thought I would be able to do this with them (they live in Europe), so it was great I was able to share this experience with them. I want to describe my dress to you so badly, but I probably shouldn't... You'll have to wait until the day of the wedding to see it. You can trust that it is the most perfect dress to me.


January 19th, 2016

We have yet to order the invitations :/ we are only a few months away... My plan is to get it done this week and send them out as soon as I receive them. Things have been changing quite a bit lately. We wanted to have a church wedding, but then we decided that wasn't for us. So, in the end, I am glad we didn't order the invitations sooner. It took us a while to really figure out what we wanted to do for our big day. Now, we have a pretty good grasp of how everything is going to happen! :) There's just so much planning envolved with one day worth of festivities! My advice is to figure out a date and start planning right away. You'll change your mind so many times along the way. When you realize, you are only 4 months away form the big day and you still don't have invitations :/ haha! I am hopeful everything is going to be ok! Cannot wait to share the invitations here on the blog!


January 21st, 2016

Finally ordered my Invitations!! I am so happy with the design and the text!!


February 8th, 2016

I am so excited to announce that I finally have my invitations and bridesmaid dresses. I am so excited. Things are finally falling into place.


February 29th 2016

Happy Leap Year everyone! Today was such an amazingly productive day. I finally have a DJ for the reception, we "might" have found an arch that we like, we chose our wedding script and I worked really hard on my website. Things are coming along. We are so close to the big day, however, it still feels like it is incredibly far awar. I have been dreaming about this day for so long, so it becomes hard to imagine how everything is going to unfold. 

I have been having some second thoughts about my dress, but I think I'd be crazy to buy another one. I still need to buy a veil and shoes. I have found the shoes I want (Maybe!) and the veil I loved is incredibly overpriced. I need to search in different stores. The weekends end up going by so fast and I end up not running errands. Hopefully soon I can buy all that's left to buy, especially because we are 2 months and 28 days away from the big day!


April 17th, 2016

Wow it has been so long since I documented anything. I have been so busy with the blog itself! So many exciting things have happened since. We FINALLY have a videographer, an altar, flower company, after party booked, party supplies, transportation, RSVP's and much more. I will be vlogging soon about the planning process. 


April 25th, 2016

Tomorrow I am taking my dress to the store, to try on veils. I plan on buying everything I am missing as soon as yesterday. I am starting to have nightmares that the day before I am missing a ton of stuff! 

I was reading through this journal entry and realized I never shared the color of the Bridesmaid Dresses. They are of course Blush Pink ! HAHA! Obviously. I will have 5 Bridesmaids. Super excited. We are not having a church wedding anymore. We decided to do the cerimony at the Country Club and do a totally different thing from our family and friends. 





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