April 7, 2017

London is a very magical place. To be honest, we spent so little time there, that it feels surreal that we were actually there! I have spent years watching English movies, trying to imagine what London would actually be like, but seeing a world through a screen is nothing compared to actually experiencing it in person. This trip was so spontaneous which made the whole experience so much more exhilarating! Usually a trip like this takes planning and you countdown the days until you get to travel to your destination. In this case, I literally woke up in the morning and had no idea that I would be stepping on an airplane that same evening. 

We left Manchester so early... we woke up in the middle of night to make it to the train station on time to get to London early. My Husband had a meeting early on, and me... well... I was on a mission to cover as much ground as possible. I had a limit of 50mb per day on my data plan, so I started exploring by taking pictures of every intersection... pretty silly right?! But it worked. I was able to visit this amazing Cathedral! 

I tried Paul's sandwiches for the first time in Paris, and OMG! I HIGHLY recommend trying it. They have the tastiest baguettes! 


St. Paul's Cathedral was built in 1256 and it's 518 ft tall (158m). I was honestly so thankful to have found this Cathedral in the Financial District, since I had no real plans. This is one of the places that I did not find as a top place to visit, and it's so majestic and grandiose. I paid 16 pounds to get in and it was money very well spent. Do not overlook the opportunity to visit this Cathedral!


 Look at all the detailing! I must have looked like such a tourist, because I just stood there... staring at it! :) 


A well deserved lunch. Bread, cheese and fruit? Yes please! Cheese and bread taste amazing in Europe. I don't know why but it tasted fresher and the flavors are richer.

 Since I had no one to take my picture (and I was too shy to ask anyone) here's a selfie!




 I thought this place was so cute! 


View from the top of the Cathedral. I'm usually so afraid of heights and I still can't believe I went all the way to the top! The view is mesmerizing, and it must be even better when it's not cloudy, but hey that's England! 


I usually don't do much by myself, but I am so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and walked the streets of London. It is very intimidating to do so, but I guarantee you that it is totally worth it. I felt so much more confident about myself. My point is that you can do it too, just make sure you have a map on you before you decide to venture through an unknown place haha :) 


Life is supposed to be lived and experienced, so get out there, conquer your fears and explore this beautiful world! :) 



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