February 28, 2018

Baia Del Silenzio was one of those dreamy places that you never really believe to be real. It feels my heart with happiness to look back on these pictures. It was about 80F, the air was fresh, the light of day was soft and we could smell the sand and the ocean. I couldn't believe how perfect everything was. If I could choose to lock a point in time it would probably be a moment similar to this. 

The mountains, the sail boats, the breeze... was just unbelievably perfect. 


I'd most definitely schedule another trip to visit Baia Del Silenzio. We didn't stay there for a long time, but I think we visited at the right time. There was barely anyone there, which is kind of insane. My guess is that this place is not widely known... a true hidden gem.



Soaked in the last few minutes of sunlight before heading out to a very special and romantic dinner by the beach.


We walked by this beach which is on the opposite site of where the other photos were taken. Then we stumbled upon a 5 Star Hotel, where we had one of the worst meals of our trip, haha! It was kind of hysterical, that we picked the most expensive restaurant thinking it would be an amazing Italian Cuisine experience. 

This photo to me speaks Italy. I never imagined Italy to have so many palm trees. They were everywhere. It made it look so tropical. This picturesque beach seemed taken out of a movie.





It's always a victory to me when I convince my Hubs to strike a pose ;) 

Can you recall a place and a time when you were truly 100% happy and at peace? This was it for me. It was beautiful, magical, peaceful, surreal and perfect. Yes, perfect. People aren't perfect but places and moments can absolutely be your own version of perfect. When you find a moment like this, embrace it, enjoy it longer, skip the dinner reservation and eat a sandwich by the beach. Soak in the last minutes of sun, lay on the sand, be free in your own moment. Live, laugh and love your way through life. Say it out loud, repeat it and live it. 


Thank you for reading, 


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