November 4, 2017









Halloween has always been a special holiday to me. Having been born outside of the US, Halloween used to symbolize American culture. My friends and I would dress up on Halloween night and trick on treat. Our neighbors would get very confused as to why we were doing something so unusual. Trick or treating in Portugal is known as "Pao Por Deus" which is on Nov 1st, particularly in the morning. Kids go around the neighborhood asking for "Bread for God". People give out either cash, candy, fruit or chocolate. It's a fun americanized holiday, but Halloween was my thing. 


I started celebrating it with my friends at around 13 years old, and it's now a tradition. Even though I don't go trick or treating anymore, I do like to decorate my house and watch Halloween movies. This year, we weren't sure if we were going to host a Halloween party, but since I had bought the decorations early in the month I went for it. The cake was the best part of this process. I had so much fun decorating it. 


I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post :) 




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