November 4, 2017

Earlier this year my husband and I decided to visit our dear friends in Austin, Texas. We arrived on Friday night and started exploring on Saturday morning. We rented a car which I highly recommend doing when visiting Texas. We grabbed a few drinks at The Oasis which has the most amazing view of Lake Travis. It was the middle of the Summer, so it was hot but we made the most of it and enjoyed the outdoor sitting area.

One thing I noticed in Austin is the amount of people kayaking, boating and paddle boarding. It's hot in the summer time, so people find ways to stay refreshed and water activities are the best way to spend a summer day in Texas. I almost wished we had done paddle boarding, so that is definately on the list for next time! 

Drank a lot of water during our stay in order to stay hydrated and brought home these cute Oasis cups! 





We thought it was adorable how couples started putting locks on this fence just like Pont Neuf in France. Don't worry if you don't bring a lock with you, they have them for sale now at the shop inside. It's a fun way to lock in romantic memories.



The inside is surrounded by Texan memorabilia and there was even a stand with boots for sale!  








We had lunch at this awesome Hawaiian looking Mexican joint called Hula Hut. The food was so delicious and the drinks were to die for! I can't wait to go back to that restaurant. We sat outdoors and enjoyed a warm water breeze. 





Later that day we stopped by Steiner Ranch Steakhouse for some champagne. It was delightful! The view was breathtaking and because it still wasn't dinner time, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. 

It was an amazing day filled with laughter, food, drinks, friends and views. 

Thank you so much to our amazing friends for showing us around, we can't wait to visit you guys again! 




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