October 22, 2017


Around this time of year, I start my holiday party planning. Nothing makes me happier than to decorate my home with fun seasonal items. Along with the decor and the party planning comes the guest list and the invitations, which are a great way to enliven everyone for the holidays. Here in New England, we get so thrilled when the seasons change because everything around us changes so dramatically.


Our Halloweens are colorful and crisp, our Christmases are white, our New Years are cold and our Springs are vibrant. Themed invitations are so fun and a good way to stash way in a memory box.






This year I used Basic Invite to order my Christmas and New Year's invitations along with our photo Christmas cards. They have the most amazing selection of invitations, announcements, RSVP cards, place cards, guest books amongst other amazing items. I would love to invite you personally to check our their online collection. These elegant Christmas party invitations will spice up your holiday planning. There are a couple of reasons why I loved their online service so much. Browsing through the website is intuitive and the menus are very easy to navigate. 



But what really captivated my attention was their product selection. They have almost unlimited colors, which makes them one of the very few to offer such a wide range of colors. Their products are highly customizable which was a great plus for me. They have over 40 envelope colors in stock, which to me is great since I am picky with colors. Their foil holiday cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. You can choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite’s foil designs. They have over 250 Christmas card and holiday card designs which makes it faster to checkout if you don't want to do much customization. Chances are you'll find something you love. The best part yet? You can have peace of mind by ordering a few samples before placing a full order. 


They were kind enough to send me a discount code for my readers. For a limited time use code holi30 for 30% off your entire order by visiting Basic Invite online store.


 I am completely obsessed with their entire product line specially their holiday cocktail party invitations, to die for! 


Thank you so much for reading and happy shopping!






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