August 27, 2017

We arrived in Rapallo around 11pm on a warm Tuesday night. The city was almost deserted and our taxi driver charged us 15 euros to literally drive us 30 seconds down the road.  Even though we were tired, we couldn't hide our excitement to walk around the dark, mysterious destination we chose to stay for a few days. 


We checked in to our Hotel, dropped off our bags and went our for a walk by the Mediterranean Sea. The city was peaceful, dark, but transpired a vibrant secrecy. All we could hear were couples seating on benches by the water eating a late night gelato. 

The following morning, we woke up early and refreshed ready to explore the "mysterious" city of Rapallo. It's incredible to see how much different a city looks at night versus day. The night before I confess I almost felt an uncertainty feeling, but in the morning all of those feelings faded as I saw the breath-taking mountain views.

There are a lot of fishing towns in Coastal Italy, and Rapallo was no exception. There were hundreds of fishing and recreational boats. The population lives off piscatorial activities and there was a very Azorean vibe to the people. It's almost hard to explain, it's just something I felt. 


The houses are built all the way from the top to the bottom of the mountains that surround these little coastal towns. They are all painted a different color, and there are painted accents along the corners of the buildings to create the illusion of dimension. This was created to resemble a french style in a much more affordable way. 

These houses are the real Mediterranean Style Homes we talk about in the States! What a dream...

Even though it looks a little foggy on the picture, this was only momentary, because it cleared right away. I remember being sunny the whole time we were there.


I also think this was the perfect time to visit Italy. End of May is already hot enough to enjoy the beach and it's not a peak season in terms of tourists.I highly recommend booking your vacation during this time!

We have to take a moment to talk about this infinity pool... isn't it just the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

The Excelsior Palace Hotel has the most amazing views of the water... you won't want to leave the pool. 

The Palm Trees are an iconic staple of this European region. Even though Rapallo is not a tropical destination, it is gifted with Palm Trees that give it a beautiful contrast.

Don't get discouraged by the sweater I have under my arm. It doesn't matter if it's 40C out, I always bring a sweater with me because I know if we have lunch/dinner indoors I'll be cold with the AC.  

Even though I am not a religious person, I love to see this religious spots. These are so characteristic of Europe and hold a historical meaning. 

So many incredible mansions!


Fun fact: this Red Carpet it's no ordinary red carpet. It's the longest in the world! It starts in the ancient Rapallo castle and extends all the way to Portofino. It has approximately 8km and it's an amazing walk from one city to the other.  

If you choose to follow the red carpet by foot, the scenery will not disappoint.

You'll get to see the beautiful coast, sea, mountains, local restaurants and regional flora.


In the 60's my grandparents moved to France and I remember years ago my Grandma telling me stories about fruit trees alongside the road and how popular these were in Europe. 


I don't know if anyone picks these oranges but they sure looked juicy!

Everywhere you look it's a beautiful paradise.

The smells, the people, the food... I strongly recommend visiting Rapallo and taking in the culture for a few days! 

It's also an amazing place to relax by the water if that's what you are looking for. 

This was my favorite coastal mansion. The colors to me were perfect along with the contrast of the green trees all around it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 


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