July 15, 2017

I am not overstating when I say that Paloma Beach is one of my favorite places in the world! 

These photos have not been edited in any way and I would still dare to say that in person it's a lot more glorious.

The round beach stones that make up most of the coast of South France were such a beautiful and unexpected surprise!

They are perfectly shaped, make funny noises when you walk on them and remind me of my hometown of Horta, Azores.


The air was so clear, fresh and there was complete silence! If paradise exists it probably looks something like Paloma Beach...

We walked on the beach to get a better view of the mountains. Once we were at sea level, we noticed how awe-inspiring the mountains were.

If I were a painter, I'd most likely be painting this picture!

Those buildings behind me are single houses; can you imagine having a more paradisiac view than this?

We walked along the coast to get a better view of the mountains and the sea. It's uncommonly peaceful and secluded. 

I believe we could have gone all the way around to the other side of town along the coast, but it was time to go to the restaurant and try some fine French food! 

There were so many yachts anchored in the bay. The next morning, the biggest yacht I saw in Monaco set anchor in Paloma Beach! 

We couldn't resist the beauty of Paloma Beach, it was starting to get dar out so we explored a little bit more before we settled for dinner.


Some of these properties looked like mansions and all I could do was imagine what it would be like to spend all of my summers there!

We particularly loved this strange artsy sculture of two jazz musicians.

We made our way back to the most beautiful bay in the world and decided it was time for dinner!



The lights of the streets along the mountains were on and the South of France delighted us with the most perfect ambience. 

Candles, music, the sea breeze and the most rare tranquility... 

The staff was incredibly nice and brought us very fluffy throws; it was starting to get chilly!

One thing I strongly recommend to do in Europe, is to always ask for a cheese platter! 

You'll be surprised with how different the cheese tastes there! It's divine!

The hubs went for fried seafood with a Heineken... 

I had the most delicious mozzarella salad! What truly made this meal was the olive oil and the vinegar.

I can't begin to explain how savory it was. 

The following day seemed like we had just woken up from a dream. 

It was absolutely amazing! We decided to go back to Paloma Beach for a few hours. 

It was time to do some snorkeling on the beach! (I don't know who that person is, haha!) 

We both craved soup so badly, we could smell it on the streets of Cap-Ferrat but we couldn't find it!

However, we were starving so we settled for the first restaurant we found, which had the most gorgeous view!


I noticed the menu had a delicious Creme Brulee calling my name, so I couldn't leave before having one. 

It was time to explore the town a little bit more!


We both felt so strongly about Paloma Beach and didn't want to leave. We decided we would be ok with returning every summer! 

It was truly magnificent! 


Thank you so much for reading! 



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