July 9, 2017

During our French Riviera stay, we knew we wanted to visit Monaco! Since we had a rental, it was very easy to get there from Nice, we could either take the highway or the secondary street by the ocean (which of course is the one we chose!).


Will you look at that amazing view? Every time I look at these pictures, it feels like I've never left. 


My mind and soul are still there... What a breathtaking place to spend an amazing summer vacation (it was still Spring, but the temperature was 30C every single day)

The Principality of Monaco is the second smallest country in the world! During this trip we also visited the smallest country in the world (stay tuned for that!). Monaco is surrounded by France and the Mediterranean Sea to its East. 


One of the things I love most about Europe, is the balconies. 

The buildings are already drop dead gorgeous, and then they get embellished with so much life and color... 

This was a balcony I saw as soon as we got to Monaco, isn't it beautiful?

We got to Monaco, drove around for a little bit and managed to find a parking spot to start exploring... so many buildings in such a little tiny country, truly captivating!

Being there at that moment was pure delight... my hubby had dreamed about going there for half of his life and we were finally there! 


After a mouthwatering Margherita Pizza and a superb whipped lemon sorbet to help digestion, we decided to walk to the top of Monaco, where Royal Palace sits peacefully.


It is so worth going up there. We got to see a prodigious panoramic view of Monaco, where years ago only royalty was allowed to go, it was truly astonishing. The yachts, the commotion, the people, the ocean, the mountains...

Will you look at this view? This is the kind of view that makes me want to have photographic memory for... Words can't begin to explain what traveling does for your soul.


Buildings, upon buildings, upon buildings... this is what they mean when they say Monaco is one of the most expensive countries in the world! For instance, I just googled "Apartment for Sale in Monaco" and I found a steal 3 bed 3 baths for only $27,000,000! What a deal, Haha! 

The mountains are the walls of the city that nurture it, giving it the most beautiful combo... mountains, ocean and city living.


On our way down from Royal Palace, we chose a different street in order to have a different scenery. 

We found this gigantic picture frame, which was so amusing to take pictures in!


Wherever we are, at the end of the day all that matters is having each other!


After walking through the Automobile Club of Monaco, and through the Nautical club, we found this boardwalk... Walking through the marina and the yachts reminded me so much of my hometown of Horta, Azores!

We were amazed to learn that the Monaco 75 GrandPrix was just 3 days away! They had closed down a couple of streets and were getting everything ready. The Monaco Prix is one of the most famous car races in the world! 


We also noticed that a lot of people had already claimed their "seats" to watch the Prix... these seats consisted of chairs chained to trees... It was very cool to see!


If you are in Monaco or South of France in general you will have a similar view to this one... everywhere you look is incredibly breathtaking... 

We walked uphill again to find the Casino of Monte-Carlo! You will see very ostentatious cars and luxury item stores within 0.1 miles of the casino.


Just like every other building in Europe, the Casino is detailed and an enigmatic architectural sight to see.





I am obsessed with grandiose doors, especially this one!

We walked our way downhill and it was the perfect time to snap a picture in front of the Automobile Club of Monaco! Monagasques are obsessed with cars and races! 

 Thank you so much for reading! 




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