June 19, 2017

We flew from Boston to Oslo, and from Oslo to Nice, France. 

When we first got out of the plane, I could see the palm trees and immediately felt alive by the mountains that surrounded the airport.


I was ready to explore! We waited for our luggage, and 30 minutes later we were in our Hotel! 

In Nice, everything is actually pretty close. So, we walked until we found a cool restaurant. 


By the time we left the restaurant it was around 11pm. We then decided to go on a mission to find the ocean!


The next morning, the sun was shinning, the temperature was around 90F and we were so stocked to walk the streets of Nice!

I was so surprised to see that the beach has little round shaped rocks instead of sand. It's so beautiful and reminds me of my grandma's little private beach, that I used to go to when I was little.


We were going to have lunch in a cafe, but we decided the view from the Promenade Des Anglais was way too beautiful to seat anywhere but here. So we asked to have our food in to go containers. We put our feet up and we were 2 happy campers! 


This photos and not retouched in any way. This is the actual color of the water there! It looks like it's out of a painting. I was in awe every time I looked at the Mediterranean. There's truly nothing more perfect.


When in Europe, you get accustomed to seeing naturalist statues. 

They are so humbling and truly show the magnitude of human art. 


If you continue reading my posts throughout this Eurotrip, you'll notice how many times I do this pose.

To me this is an extension of how I feel. I feel so free in Europe. There's nothing more liberating than your own culture, your own people, I feel right at home.


From here you see Nice Beach in all of its glory!


We walked by Avenue Jean Medecin several times, and each time I just wanted to freeze the moment. Writing this now while looking back at the pictures, I am able to close my eyes and quickly be transported there.


There are so many regional markets, souvenirs, fresh flowers, cheeses, wines, anything you could ever hope for!


We hiked to the top of Castle Hill (which I absolutely recommend doing) which overlooks the city. What a site! Totally worth the journey. Once you reach the top, you'll find this beautifully painted landscape before your eyes, which you'll soon realize it's actually real! 


Spend as much time there as you want, because even though we stayed there for a while (in reality seemed like 2 minutes) it went by so fast! 

Sit, relax, look at the view, take photos, dance, sit on the ground, laugh and enjoy paradise!


With so much beauty in front of you, don't forget to look down!

Pavers that formed what it seemed like Greek designs of an ancient human.


Then when you think the view cannot get any better than that, you look to your right and this is what you see.


I could envision waking up every morning and jogging at the Promenade Des Anglais


 We snorkeled in Nice Beach and it was absolute bliss. I can't even begin to explain how perfect in was! 

The weather could have not been better, it was May so it was never too crowded, and the views... mesmerizing! 



Everywhere we looked was even more perfect than the last place. I am so in love with Nice and strongly recommend visiting. 

If you want a vacation that you'll remember for the rest of your life, this is the destination!



This avenue reminded me of Rossio in Lisbon! Even though distinctly different, it has some resemblances. 

The pavers, the buildings, people, the pace, the energy...



On the way down from Castle Hill, we decided to find the water fall. So peaceful and relaxing! A little piece of paradise in the middle of the city! 

Within 2 hours of being in the sun, I felt like I was already getting a tan! 


This view is anything short of heaven. 

I can't say enough good things about this place. We laughed, we danced, we ate, we smiled and hugged and felt free!


Thank you so much for reading! 




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