February 13, 2017

I've heard of Manchester before, but I would have never imagine that I would get to spend time there with my hubby. When I googled "Best Places to Visit in England", Manchester doesn't really come up. It's far from London, trains are expensive, but let me tell you that Manchester is A-MA-ZING. Most people wouldn't recommend visiting Manchester, but it was one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. The streets are magical, the people are so nice, the air smells like food and there is music on every street corner. 

We walked into a Food court and I saw this beautiful human "bird cage"?! 

We walked through the Dutch side of Manchester, and that was reflective through the restaurants and architectures. I loved being able to experience so much diversity.


I mentioned that there was music on every street corner and it's so true! These teenagers were playing music at the food court and it was so English! It reminded me of a scene from the movie "101 Dalmatians", when the Philharmonic is playing at the park. So beautiful!

 I still can't believe I was there! Looking through these pictures feels like a dream!




Bill's was one of the best restaurants we have ever tried. No joke, English food to me is one of the best ever. Surprisingly, they have so many vegetarian options and the food is moderately spicy, just the way I like it. I had the Truffle and Mushroom Mac 'N Cheese and Vic had the Fish Pie. But this was no ordinary Mac 'N Cheese... it was so well crafted and the cheese was real cheese. Every dish I ate in the UK was made with real ingredients, needless to say the food takes a lot longer than in the States, but it's worth the wait. 




I am so thankful I got the visit the UK. It was such a magical trip and Manchester was a great place to visit. I am happy we got to visit a diversity of places. It's so easy to only visit the major cities and major attractions. Shifting from those places means shorter lines and a lot more time to see other places. I still want to visit touristy places, but I'd rather spend less time there and go on adventures to find new places. 


As I travel more I think it's important to plan, but it's also important to wander around and have unexpected experiences! Have fun, get out there and discover the world! 


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I have two more coming up about England so stay tuned! 


Thanks for reading, 



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