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Moments should be timeless and these days we loose track of time. Days are shorter and the weeks turn into a blur. Our society is constantly running around, we are busier than ever! The important thing is to have TIME to stop and appreciate what we have around us. JORD is one of the most gorgeous craftsman items I have ever laid eyes on. I like to stop during the day to admire the beauty of my new watch. 


I am so stocked to introduce to you JORD Watches. JORD is created by an avant-gard and ingenious Team. What I appreciate the most about their company is their attention to detail, the experimental and creative ideas that surround their mission and goals. Each piece is crafted with innovation and efficiency. Every since I started seeing these pop up on my Instagram Feed, I knew I wanted one! I have never seen wood watches before! I am in LOVE with mine. The one I got is called Frankie. It is made with Dark Sandalwood. I think it's absolutely stunning. The emerald green face reminds me of a British antique color. It is so upscale and beautiful. This watch has the perfect touch of timeless, innovation and perfection. 


I am so in love with these watches that I have teamed up with JORD Watches to Giveaway a $75 E-Voucher! For entering alone you get a $20 e-gift card. How amazing is that pretties? Enter the Giveaway here. You have until the 16th of October to enter the GIVEAWAY! I love doing these contests, because I get to give back to all of you who support my blog. 


Feel free to explore their website. You'll fall in love with their different watches. Click here to visit the men's shop and here for the women's shop. 


Please let me know what you think and GOOD LUCK with the Contest! 
















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