Gillette Castle State Park, Connecticut

January 25, 2016





















Hi everyone! I was so thrilled I got to visit Gillette Castle. This is Connecticut's best kept secret. It's not really a secret though... Every time I drove down Route 9 South, I used to see the signs to Gillette Castle but never though much of it. I was lucky that the weather was amazing that day. The views are astonishing! Everywhere you look is breathtaking. 


The Castle was built in 1914 and belonged to the American Actor William Gillette. The inside of the Castle was recently restored to its original glory and it is open to the public most of the year. Unfortunately in January the Castle and the Museum are closed. Walking around the castle was great! We were on our way to the PEZ Factory in Orange, CT (which I'll probably write a post on) and decided to stop by! Even though it was very cold, the sun was shining so bright and there was a hint of summer to this chilly winter day. 


The prime time of the year to visit the Castle would be in the summer. You get the most out of your visit when the weather is nice. We were lucky enough that the weather was nice, but if there was fog we would not have been able to see the views. Visiting in the summer allows you to visit the museum, hike in the surrounding trails and relax in the picnic area. 


I can't wait to go back in the summer time and visit the inside of the Castle. 

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