Kent Falls State Park, Connecticut

January 23, 2016




















 Hi everyone. My family and I decided to take a whole Saturday to explore Connecticut. We drove about an hour through back roads to get to Kent Falls State Park. I feel like we were very up high at some point on top of a mountain. It was beautiful. Remember to fill up your tank before driving out there... unlike me with a quarter of a tank... Haha! Anyways... the directions on my GPS took us to the right place with no problems. 


As soon as we got there we noticed the Falls and how majestic it was. We stayed there for a while just admiring the nature and the surroundings. We took some pictures at the bottom of the Falls and then started hiking. We did not go all the way up because it was insanely cold and we did not have the proper gear to be outside for so long. 


Every level of the Falls looked even more beautiful than the last. It was a great time! My Family loved the Falls and so did I. I would recommend going to Kent Falls State Park anytime of the year, but during this time you get the see it frozen which I think it's so worth doing! You will not regret taking the drive there! 


Connecticut has beautiful places to see and there's so much history to learn while exploring with the Family! Keep checking my blog for more Connecticut and New England places to visit! 


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