September 9, 2016

Happy Friday Lovelies! Traveling is one of the best things ever. Working towards a goal is such a great motivator. In my case, I do everything that I can in order to make traveling to new places a reality. Canada was in my bucket list for 2016, and I am so happy we were able to discover another beautiful place on Earth. Montreal is so historic and full of culture, art and music. It was fantastic to be able to experience the International Jazz Festival. We went to multiple shows, walked around the festival and ate delicious food. 


We noticed so many similarities to Paris. The style is noticeably French, and the people behave like Europeans. There's so much to do in Montreal and we tried to take advantage of as many adventures and opportunities as possible. We loved hanging out by the Old Port where the atmosphere was young and hype. 


We hope you enjoy our Vlog. Please let us know what places are on your bucket list for the remainder of 2016! 


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