Lemonade Dress with Make Me Chic

August 24, 2016












This is one of the funnest dresses I have ever owned. I have never worn yellow as much as this year. Maybe because it didn't go as well with the platinum blonde hair I had before, but now I am really liking it. It's so bright and makes it look like you are in an overall great mood. What you wear translates to other people. Positively or negatively. 


I got sent this dress by a brand called Make Me Chic. Their clothes are so affordable and such great quality. I was do giddy when they approached me to sponsor a few of my posts on The New Englander.


I am in love with this dress and I can picture wearing it a lot for the rest of the summer and beginning of Fall. This would be perfect for a picnic, an informal party or dinner out. 


Let me know what you think of this dress and how you would style it. Maybe a cute pochette? Or stylish flats? I wanna know! 





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