Saying Goodbye

August 5, 2016

















Saying goodbye to Paris was honestly one of the hardest moments of my life. As silly as it sounds, I felt right at home in Paris. My mom is French so I've always the desire to visit, and when I got there my heart was happy and full. Looking back at these pictures is making my heart so overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia. 


On our last day we decided to see as many places as possible. We went to the Armee Museum which has so many war and battle recollections that are truly worth seeing. We went to the Rodin Museum, and I am glad we did. We got to watch a video on how the sculptures were made and I also got to appreciate it a lot more, because I never knew it took so much work, time and effort. We wandered through the streets of Paris, and ate a lot of YUMMY Parisian snacks. 


I had my last creme Brulee, and it was so delicious and so worth 8 euros!! I can still taste it and it's making my mouth water a bit. Then we spent the most magical night sitting by the most beautiful monument in all of Paris, the Eiffel Tower that is. We sat on the grass, sang, hugged, took pictures, danced and promised ourselves to never forget that moment. 


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