August 1, 2016

As soon as we arrived I could not believe my eyes. There was so many people exercising, relaxing, painting and simply admiring the surroundings. I was amazed by every little detail. 

The Louvre is HUGE! I could never imagine how big it was! 



The Louvre was packed, oh and I did I mention it was raining? It doesn't matter people are always out and about in Paris :)

This bridge is so artistic and beautiful! 


Our astonished faces!!! HAHA!








When you see a place as beautiful as the Louvre, no words are really necessary, because the pictures speak for themselves. The Louvre was such a dream come true and I am so thankful we got to spend a few hours there. It was one of my favorite places in Paris. It comes as no surprise that we are obsessed with Museums and the Louvre was the most magnificent museum I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. We spent so many hours there and I feel like we barely scratched the surface. 


I hope we get to visit soon! This is one of those places that you can visit and revisit and it won't get old that easily. Paris has stole my heart so fearlessly. I cannot wait to go back one day! 


I hope you enjoyed this blog post!





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