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July 28, 2016












One of my TOP summer priorities is to protect my skin. I love to have fun in the sun, but I know better than to let myself turn into a lobster. This summer my husband and I have been using the Goddess Garden Sunscreens NON-STOP! We brought it to Portugal and Paris with us. Even on cloudy days we would wear it to protect our skin. Once we started using this all-natural and organic product we decided this was the one for us. 


What we use the most is the Everyday formula. It is plant based and has the most amazing smells. It honestly smells like nature to me. This is my go to. I apply it all over my body and it is such a smooth formula. It is non-greasy which I love. I used to hate applying sunscreen and getting all greasy and getting sand stuck all over me. Not with this one. The Sport version is amazing to work out outdoors. It is sweat proof and does not feel like an added layer on your skin. The Facial formula is amazing too! It does not leave my face white and has all the protection that we need when outdoors. I cannot say enough good things about this brand


Lastly, I wanted to share this amazing candle with you that I found at Marshall's. I believe it might be the best candle I've ever purchased. They have so many different scents and I'll binge on all of them soon! 


I received Goddess Garden products in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! 


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