Vacation Tips // Montreal, Canada

July 21, 2016


My ultimate life goal (as of right now) is to travel as much as possible. I love the thought of being able to explore our planet, so my husband and I, decided to go to Canada for a mini vacation. It was such an incredible experience. There is a lot of French influence and that was very noticeable. We struggled to take this picture. It was so windy and we couldn't get a good shot, so yea... this one was the best one haha! 

We were lucky enough to be able to go the Montreal Jazz Festival during our stay. We are both musicians and both love Jazz, so it worked out perfectly.

This apartment complex is so peculiar, but yet so futuristic and modern. 

With a sweater in July... typical me...

The Old Downtown area is filled with historical buildings like this. It is so astonishing to walk around this area, which is right by the Old Port.


I was appalled at the view from the Saint Joseph's Cathedral. It is so worth visiting. There is a $5 fee to visit.




Notre Dame Cathedral of Montreal! So I was able to visit two Notre Dames in the same year, how amazing is that?! 


Two ladies with their poodles, no big deal. I was under dressed for sure!



Snacking on the most delicious caramel popcorn.



If there is a mural, I will snatch a picture in front of it.


Who is the handsome stud? 


During our vacations, we make every second count. We walk ALL. DAY. LONG. We always try to have a list before hand with addresses and try to scratch as many items off our list as possible. It is so useful to have roaming on your phone, because even if you have the addresses to walking distance places, having a mobile GPS makes everything so much easier. 

The weather was somewhat chilly, and I swear Montreal is like the Azores, you experience the 4 seasons in one single day, except it didn't snow. 

Overall, it was an amazing as per usual, especially in the company of my two loves. 


So here is a list of useful tips:


1 -  Nearby Hotel

Get a hotel that is as close as possible to where you want to me on a daily basis. This time we totally failed. We are usually pretty good with this. In Paris, we got a hotel nearby all of the places we wanted to visit. This time, we truly believe our Hotel was close by looking at the map. WRONG! It was 40 MINUTES AWAY!! HAHA! Needless to say we drove every day countless hours. We could have spent this time walking aroung and/or visiting different places. Since we had Oliver, to go to a restaurant for example, it made it almost impossible to go back to the Hotel to leave him for a few hours.


2 -  Roaming

If traveling outside of the US, make sure to have roaming on your phone. I say this, because I know how much we have been needing it. None of us have roaming on our phones and we noticed how many times we wished we had. Either to check an address, a new place to visit, a beach to go to or simply to post a picture on Instagram or Facebook. 


3 - List of Places and Addresses

This is extremely important. I cannot stress this enough. Taking the time prior to the trip to gather a list with address will save you so much time during the trip. Sure is fun to get lost sometimes, but once you have a defined plan you'll get to visit a lot more places.


4 - Comfortable Outfits

It is super important to pack comfortable outfits. I always want to look nice for the pictures, so I end up being cold. It really comes down to comfort or fashion. For me, I always try to have both.


5 - Battery

This is what frustrates me the most. I am obsessed with taking pictures and using my cell phone doesn't cut it for me. I have 3 extra batteries for my DSLR, but they are of no use if they are not charged... LOL so make sure to charge batteries in advance and have an external battery for your cell phone. This is will save you a lot of frustration.


4 - Bottled Water

Water in foreign countries is often pricey. So, I learned that if you buy bottled water at a supermarket when you arrive at your destination. You'll save dozens of dollars throughout your trip. In Paris for example, our water expense must have been close to $100, crazy!


5 - Jacket

Whether it's summer, spring, fall or winter, always pack a jacket! The weather can be extremely unpredictable, especially in places where you are not sure of the atmospheric variations throughout the day. In Canada, I swear I felt the 4 seasons in one single day.


6 - Pack Light

I never know what I'll want to wear in the future, but in reality, once you have a comfortable outfit you'll most likely end up repeating it while on vacation. Is is not worth paying extra weight to pack a few extra pairs of jeans.


7 - Relax and Enjoy

This is one of my best tips. you can plan all you want, and most of the times things don't go according to plan because of this thing called life. It is out of our control. In this case all I do is to make sure I enjoy every single moment and make the best out of every situation.


I hope you guys enjoyed the read.





Location: Montreal, Canada



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