Les Rue De Paris

July 18, 2016

 Ever find yourself exploring a place that is so amazingly gorgeous, every detail is perfect and it feels like you are inside of a movie? This is what it felt like when I took this picture. 



 This is one of the places I was most excited to visit in Paris. The architectural ornaments and the history that it holds struck me every time. Notre Dame is a household name when it comes to landmarks. It is so worth visiting. I recommend getting the Museum Pass while in France. This pass grants you entrance to dozens of museums including the Cathedral of Notre Dame. 

The necessary selfie... Haha!

 The chills inside this place are real. The antique smell, the devotion that other people feel create an environment that is hard to top.


 Champs Elysee is as phenomenal as you would imagine. So many amazing stores, restaurants, bars and the Arc Du Triumphe just hanging out like it's no big deal.


 The funny thing about the level of the water being so high is that, I don't even remember raining that much. It sure rained here and there and it was cloudy but I don't remember being so bad. 



 The view from Sacre Coeur. As we reached the top, we took a deep breath, paused for a second, put our cameras down and just soaked it all in. We were there! It was magical and perfect and I never wanted to leave.



 The Pantheon is a majestic and glorious reminder that us humans are capable of anything. 

 Walking the streets of Paris is hypnotizing. If feels like we were inside of a movie. Everything was so perfect, there was always an accordion playing some notes, freshly baked bread smell, French murmurs and the unbeatable sights.

 The magnificent Pantheon.



 How cute are these? In Paris or travelling in general don't say: "We'll buy it tomorrow or on our last day." because you might not find it again or just completely forget about it. Haha!

 The Pantheon is right next to a Law School so the atmosphere is so young and hype. 


 As I see these pictures again, I can quietly close my eyes for a few seconds and quickly transport myself to this moment. It is still so vivid in my mind. I made sure to soak every moment, every little detail everywhere we went. I still don't have the perfect words to describe this amazing country. All you have to do is experience it for yourself. My love and I had a burning desire to visit Paris and our dream finally came true. There's nothing more satisfying in life that to travel and explore our planet. Not only our planet but what Humans before us accomplished along with every important milestone in our history. 


I hope you enjoyed these pictures! 





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