A Warm Welcome

July 15, 2016

As we arrived to Paris, the first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to go see the Eiffel tower. It has always been a huge dream of mine to see it in person. As we walked towards the Eiffel tower and I saw it very far away, my heart just dropped! It is so beautiful, so astonishing, so imponent. No rain, no dark skies were able to erase that feeling of happiness. 

Our second Hotel was phenomenal! Being right in the center of Paris (right next to the Galleries Laffayette) made everything was much easier. We didn't have to constantly take the bus or taxi. One of my trips for traveling is to get a hotel close to where you want to be on a regular basis, you might end up paying a bit more for the hotel, but over the course of your trip it will be worth it. 

 The sweetest welcome from our Hotel Staff.

 I was obsessed with these walls. Our hotel actually had a mini museum/ display area in each floor, which was staggering. 


 The food court we went to on our first day in Paris was so colorful!


 The foyer of our Hotel.

 Anyone please just give me cheese anywhere in the world, especially in France! 

 The Academy of Music is so powerfully charged with architectural details, it had us in awe. We walked by this building almost everyday.


The river was actually overflowing when we were there. We heard on the news that it was the highest level in 100 years. How crazy is that we got to experience that?! We had mentioned that we wanted to do a night cruise but the level went up so much that boats could not go under the bridge anymore. 


 Words can't begin to describe the love I feel for this city. It is unimaginable, to be there, to experience that culture, to walk where many revolutionary figures walked. Where architectural styles were development, where many European battles happened and where history was made. It is truly overwhelming to think about this. During my time there, all I thought about was how can I possibly see all the things on my list, because I wanted to stare at the buildings, the people, the movement, the sounds and the smells. 


I cannot wait to go back, that is the burning desire that I have. For now I hope you enjoy these pictures and stay tunes for a few more France posts! 





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