Our Wedding Day

July 12, 2016




















You dream about your wedding day; you plan out every single detail in hopes that it will be perfect. The day before you are a nerve wreck, because you are not sure how things will go. In all reality, my wedding day was above and beyond my expectations. Not because of the food, the venue, the music or even the photos. It was because of the fact that I married the man of my dreams and I was surrounded by loved ones and amazing friends.


My wedding taught me so many things. It helped me develop a whole new perspective. Life is not about material details, or the perfect flowers. Anyone can obtain these things. What makes you different is the people you surround yourself with and the memories you make together. On our wedding day, I made memories that will last a life time. I remember the smiles my friends gave me all day, my mom’s tears while we were reading our vows, my dad’s smirk while he was walking me down the while, my love trying to contain himself and taking deep breaths while reading his vows. All of these little moments made my big day. It’s not like I didn’t know this prior to my wedding day, but I actually experienced a level of happiness that is hard to obtain.

I hope you enjoy some of our wedding photos.


The photo shoot was so much fun. It felt like my husband and I were just out on a date, kissing and telling each other jokes. I have so many wedding pictures so maybe I’ll do a Wedding Pictures Part II Blog Post.





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