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June 14, 2016













Every time I go through my Paris pictures, I have to think of reasons why I shouldn't buy a plane ticket and move there for good. Paris has an intoxicating force that pulls me in. After all, I come from a French descendent. My mom is French, so... that makes me 50% French, right?! 

In Paris everything is more beautiful. The adoration for clothing is timeless. Time sits still and days are longer. French women have developed signature styles and trendy items are worn very carefully. 


I am loving this dress by eShakti. I thought it would be the most appropriate, casual and ageless dress ever. I had to bring it with me to Paris. This dress was custom made to my measurements and I love how it beautifully sits on my body. It is so comfortable, and I love the idea of ordering something online that I know will fit. They have the most gorgeous and different styles. You'll have a very unique item in your wardrobe that will not go out of style. Their online tools are so simple to use, and ordering a dress is so easy and fast! They have offered my readers a discount coupon. Use code "TheNewEnglander" for 10% OFF your purchase.


That's what I was the most impressed with Paris fashion. Women and Men alike, are extremely sophisticated and pick key elements that they'll still be able to wear 20 years from now. The older I get, the more I see the importance of quality over quantity. If Paris thought me anything was that, fashion is trendy and style is timeless. 





Thank you to eShakti for Sponsoring this Post!



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