The Parisian Way

June 10, 2016
















Paris felt like a song. Versailles felt like a book. That is the best description I find for these two most beautiful Cities. They say Paris is more beautiful in the rain, and maybe that is why it rained the whole time we were there. Paris has forever stolen my heart and I cannot wait to go back. Not only because the time we spent there was magical, but because it truly felt like I was living inside an Edith Piaf song. I come back to the United States as a new person. I feel rejuvenated and reborn. The fashion, the people, the language, the smells, the noise, the effortless style will forever linger in my skin as a reminder that Paris really truly exists.  


We did this photoshoot in Versailles at the Hotel we stayed at. This beautiful 5-star hotel had us in awe. It is a beautiful palace in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. We dressed up to go out for dinner to grab some local French food. As we came back, we grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots for the blog. I felt so inspired when I was there. I thought of outfits I wanted to put together, I thought of handbags and shoes I wanted to buy and I saw a recurring street, chic and uncomplicated style every where I looked. 


After Paris, I feel like a different person, not only because I am a married woman now (what?!), but because I am astonished by everything I saw. 

Now all I have is the desire of coming back. Maybe even, live there one day. Who knows where time will take us. For now, I'll recall my memory and relive these magical moments once again.


I strongly recommend taking a week to visit this magical place.






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Handbag: Chanel Boy Bag | Shoes: Bandolino | Dress: Tommy Hilfiger




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