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May 25, 2016


Good morning Pretties!

I hope this post finds you well. I am currently in Portugal! Crazy, right?! I am enjoying my time so much and my wedding is coming up in just a few days!! Today I thought I'd share with you my Airport Fashion tips. 


When I am traveling, especially long trips, it is so important to feel comfortable but also to feel confident. I put together an outfit, that I think is so easy and relaxed, but yet so stylish at the moment. I am obsessing over Adidas these days. I am so glad Adidas is making a glorious come back. I LOVE to wear back leggins with Converse and a T-Shirt. It is such an easy way to look and feel fashionable. I decided to go with these dark blue converse because they go well with so many other colors. It is so versatile. It happens to go so well with the Michael Kors Bag back and the floral white t-shirt. Last but not least, I don't like wearing makeup in airplanes, just because I like to sleep and not worry about smudging it. In this case, I add a little bit of blush so that I don't look so pale. I think it adds such a great touch and covers up the sleepy face afterwards.


Thank you so much for reading!





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1 - Bag-Pack: Michael Kors Nude

2 - Makeup: Milani Baked Blush

3 - T-Shirt: Adidas

4 - Regular Black Leggins

5 - Shoes: Dark Blue Converse


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