My Motivational PrettySugarCo Mug

May 11, 2016








Good Morning and Happy Wednesday. I hope this posts finds you well.


I am super excited to share with you this store on Etsy that created this amazing Mug for me. If you know me, you know I am super detail/ goal oriented. It only made sense to create a #goals mug, to remind me every morning of my daily objectives. PrettySugarCo creates the best and cutest gifts. They have anything from mugs, wall art, stationary, etc. Their fonts are so adorable and I want to fill up my house with their wall art. 

This mug was custom made, but you can get a similar one here


The mug and all of their products are handmade, and that is incredibly valuable to me. The mug is made out of ceramic and it is so durable. Their products are also made in the USA, which is amazing. Isn't it just the cutest? I find it so inspirational! I love just having it nearby to look at it! 


Thank you so much for reading. 





Thank you to PrettySugarCo for Sponsoring this Post!


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