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May 3, 2016









Happy Tuesday Lovelies!


After a long cold winter, the leaves are blossoming again which makes me exceedingly enthusiastic and optimistic that summer will be here in a heartbeat. I feel like a brand new person. It is hard to explain how it turns my mood. My energy levels even sky rocket! I can't wait to days in which I don't have to think about what jacket to wear. Or which boots are better for the rain we are having today in New England. I imagine my toes on the sand after a long day of work and tanned, salty skin as I get home. 


I took these pictures on Saturday afternoon during our daily walk. I was amazed by the fact that just 3 short weeks ago, there was no foliage, no pink flowers, brown grass and you could see for miles. 

The foliage not only embellishes the view, but gives life and shelter to many species. My fiance and I, love to listen to the birds that recently moved in to the tress around our house. They sound so cheerful and jovial that Spring is here. Just like I do.


Spring is the beginning of something good and prosperous. For me this year, I am on a countdown for my Wedding. It means we are closer and closer to our Big Day and that makes me beyond excited for our new lives together!


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