Beauty Widgets Makeup Brushes Review and Giveaway

April 20, 2016











Good Morning Lovelies and Happy Wednesday! 


I have been dying, but seriously dying to share this blog post with you all!

Beauty Widgets represents everything that I stand for, animal cruelty free, quality and rose gold. These brushes are unbelievable! All of the brushes are synthetic and easy to clean. All of the brushes are individually names, which is extremely helpful!


The Linda Set (White Pouch Set):

This set comes with 8 incredibly versatile brushes. 4 face brushes and 4 eye brushes. These could also be used for face (contouring or strobing), however since the set is so complete I would stick with eyes. These face brushes would be great for blush, setting powder, contouring and even foundation. They are so gorgeous as you can see in the pictures, but they are also so soft and manageable. I am in love with the fact that they are synthetic brushes. I cannot stand the thought of some brushes not being it. Animal brushes are not only cruel, but retain bacteria easily which is not good for your skin. These are so easy to clean. Take a bowl with warm water and shampoo and they'll look good as new. I love doing my makeup with these every single day now. The price point is unreal. I think of a brand name that has high quality brushes for under $30!


The Petra Set (Black Pouch Set):

This set is my absolute favorite, it is a 10 piece Kabuki set. 5 are face brushes and 5 eye brushes. These are my everyday go to essentials. I save myself some extra time in the morning, in order to do my makeup relaxed. Using these babies, makes everything so much easier. They are so soft and the makeup goes on so well. They do not absorb product in excessive amounts, which is definitely a plus. I find that some makeup brushes, either throw the product on your face all at once, and others absorb too much product. This face set is just the perfect combination.



I am obsessed. I will be traveling out of the country soon, and I love that I can bring the Beauty Widgets makeup brushes in a pouch along with my makeup. 

Can we take a quick second to talk about how cute the pouches are? So. Adorable.


I cannot say enough good things about Beauty Widgets, that is why I have partnered up with them to giveaway The Linda Set and The Petra Set to two lucky readers of The New Englander. The first giveaway starts today and we will be giving away The Petra Set.

All you have to do is follow @beautywidgets and @reenahart on Instagram and by tagging a friend to the giveaway picture on either Instagram, you are entered to Win this fabulous set! We will pick a winner on May 4th! After that is done I will be doing another blog post announcing The Linda Set Giveaway.


Thank you for reading and Good Luck!






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