My First CT Bloggers Event @Rooftop120

April 18, 2016

















Happy Monday Pretties and I hope you had a great weekend! 


On Saturday, I attended a Bloggers Event at Rooftop120 in Glastonbury. The event was hosted by @birdsocialmedia. I would like to first and foremost thank Birdsocialmedia and Rooftop120 for inviting us to join all of the other talented Bloggers at the Event. The food, the drinks and the atmosphere make this place one of the best hang out areas I have ever been to! I recommend anyone in the area, especially with the warm weather approaching, to check it out. They change their menus seasonally along with their drinks. We were fortunate to be introduced to some  of their new drinks and dishes. My personal new favorite drink being the Amsterdam Vodka. The weather was phenomenal, and the temperature was ideal (which is a breath of fresh air after a long and cold winter, I am READY for Summer!). I can't wait to experience this place in the night time. I can only imagine how amazing it is, during a warm summer night.


It was splendid to hang out with people that have the same exact interests as me. Not to mention I got to meet in person one of my favorite Bloggers, Lauren, founder of I would love if you could check out her blog. She has a stunning and timeless style. You will be so inspired by her pictures! And guess what?! Our loves are both Engineers and Blog Photographers, Ha! You can most certainly expect a blog collaboration from us soon.


At the Event, we tried so many new drinks and foods. Talked blogging techniques, our favorite bloggers, cameras, shooting locations and a lot more. It was such a different Saturday and I look forward to another one of these! 


As always thank you for stopping by!






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