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April 14, 2016
































 Hi lovelies!


I have been dying to share with you pictures from my Philadelphia Trip last week. I had a great time getting to visit Museums, monuments and famous landmarks in this incredible city. We were amazed by the architectural designs and detailing present in every little square inch of this magnificent place. 


We went on a 2-Day Tour Bus, which I recommend everyone doing when visiting Philly. I guarantee you that it will be money very well spent. Not only that, you'll actually end up saving up money. Since parking is so expensive in Philly, it is a good idea to find parking in the morning, hop on the tour bus, and visit all of the places on your list. The Big Bus Company has 27 stops and it will most likely take you where you were planning on visiting. 


We visited The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Independence Hall, Philadelphia City Hall, Eastern State Penitentiary, Love Park, The Gates of Hell, Reading Terminal Market, the legendary Rocky Steps and many other amazing places. I might do two other separate posts on the Penitentiary and on the Reading Terminal Market. It was challenging having to pick between hundreds of pictures to post. This city has so much history and the Bus Tours helped us learn and understand it better. Philly is under great renovations and construction and I would love to visit when everything is finished. The Love Sign is as cool as you would imagine. There were a dozen other people taking pictures of the sign as we got there. Every monument such as the Museums and City Hall are astonishingly detailed. Philly is influenced by Parisian style and that is visible throughout the city. 


I am so glad we took the time to visit this City! Onto to the next one!


Thank you so much for reading!






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