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March 31, 2016







Good morning beauties!

You may have seen on my Instagram that my fiance and I traveled to Philly recently. It was an amazing trip and we had such an amazing time there.

It is so hard to travel and look decent at the same time. At least for me it becomes such a challenge. When I travel, I love sight seeing, spending hours at museums and walking around looking like a tourist. Needless to say that performing all of these things in a dressy outfit and or heels is nearly impossible. Top that with wanted to take pictures for your blog. That is why I had the idea of showing you this very comfortable, yet chic outfit to travel.


Let's start with the pants. These are the most comfortable pants ever! But by being black it dresses up any outfit. These are definitely one of my go to's not only for when I am travelling, but also for work. Black pants are a wardrobe essential that everyone should stock on. They are so versatile and utilitarian. 

This blouse was a great addition to my wardrobe. I love how sophisticated and dressy it makes any outfit look. The black tie makes such a huge difference to this plain garment. This day was warm and this blouse was so light and delicate, which made me feel very casual and relaxed. I didn't feel like I couldn't move around or anything like that. Pair this with a fashionable bag (Black Fringe Rebecca Minkoff) and stylish sunglasses and you are ready to explore in style! 


I hope you found this post helpful. Next time you travel in style, share your pictures with me on Instagram!


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