Easy Exercises To Do At Home

March 21, 2016


Good morning Pretties and Happy Monday! Today I've decided to do something a little different on the blog. Every once in a while, my friends tell me that they don't know what exercises to do at home. That gave me the concept for this blog post. The idea is to get creative. There are so many different exercises that require little or no equipment and that are actually fun to do. I am sharing with you the ones I do the most, also in kind of the same order that I do them. 


Disclaimer: These exercises work for me, but it doesn't necessarily mean they'll work for everyone. These are just a suggestion. Remember to warm up before exercising and to take precautions.


One of the things that I love to do is sit in this position. Not only to start a workout, but I love to relax like this. Listen to some Classical Music or Jazz. You can also go on Youtube and search for relaxing music. It is so good for our bodies to try and stop thinking for a little while. Try to get your braind to just focus on your breathing. It is so hard to do, but it takes practice. 


Streching is the most important part of the workout. I like to lay on the floor and strech out my back. It gets your blood flowing and helps your muscles warm up for the workout. 


This is also a Yoga position that is great for strengthening the core. Personally, I use it for warming up. Yoga is so difficult and yet so rewarding! 

The plank is a great way the start a workout. You can do five 30 second repetitions. The plank is so challenging. But don't quit! The more you do it, the better and longer you'll hold. So holding a little bit is better than zero seconds.

Crunches are so easy to do at home. I personally do not like to do crunches on anything other than a yoga mat. It is so much more confortable and easy on the back. I like to do at least 25 before I take a little break.

Side crunches complement the previous exercise. 

If you also have some sort of weight, it just adds a little variation to the crunches. 

I like doing this one, it is so demanding on the core. It is crucial to not let the legs touch the floor while you inter change the legs up and down. Laying flat looking up also helps with posture.


Side plank is another varience of the regular plank that could easily be incorporated into the routine.

Squats! Don't you just loving squats? I know I do. You knees should not go over your toe. I like doing squarts until my leg muscles burn, that is when I take a quick rest.

This exercise is great for core and arms. It is easy to adjust the tension of the elastic band, by making the area you pull shorter and shorter.

Squating with weights is also so fun. It makes the routine a lot more interesting. Remember to keep a very good posture while doing squats.


This is another fun exercise to do with the elastic band. There are 2 variances that I like to do. One is just as it I would be lifting weights.



Lastly, here I have weights, but you don't necessarily need weights to do this. You can do this with a gallon of milk or anything heavy. 


I hope this blog post gave you some ideas for your next home workout. Remember that you don't need a gym membership to get moving!


Thank you for reading, 




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