Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review (Dolce K & Koko K)

March 13, 2016


















Happy Sunday Everyone! I am so happy to finally have 2 of Kylie's Lip Kits. It has been so difficult to get my hands on these bad boys. I got “Koko K” and “Dolce K”. If you are reading this post you may already know about all of the commotion that surrounds these lipsticks. They are so hard to get. Maybe because Kylie is one of the most famous Teens on the Planet, but also because the formulation is incredible! The word of mouth is out. Everyone is raving about these shades.


Once you open the box in which the lip kit comes in, the lip kits come very well conditioned, and on top there’s a card from Kylie thanking their fans for the support. The card itself is cute and thoughtful.


I am appalled by the quality of this product. The non-drying, fantastic smell, easy application, creamy texture and cute packaging are the best selling points. Each lip kit retails for $29 + S&H of about $7. Not a bad price point, but when you consider the fact that you are getting a liquid lipstick and a lip liner, it justifies itself. The formulation is also very good. Once you apply the lipstick, it takes under 20 seconds to be completely dry. This is fantastic considering that most of us are on the go. We don’t have much time to wait for make up to dry. “Koko K” lasts a lot longer than “Dolce K” from my experience. I wore “Koko K” yesterday, went out for dinner and it still looked perfect after I ate. I was not expecting that to happen. I even brought it with me to retouch after dinner. I didn’t have to! Made me extremely happy!


I wish she had more shades available, but I am pretty sure she will be releasing more in the future. I would love to try “22”. “True Brown” is my least favorite of all of the shades. If you think “Dolce K” is dark, put it against “True Brown” and you’ll see the difference. Next time I will try to get another shade or two.


A very close alternative to the Lip Kits would be the Colour Pop Shades. The formulation is different, but the price point is a lot better. If that is something that appeals to you, I would recommend checking out their website. As to Kylie Cosmetics, all we have to do now is wait for the next release.


A video of quick first impressions on this product will also be up on my Youtube Channel.


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