Visiting The Fireplace of the Mohican Nation

March 3, 2016





















Hello Pretties. I hope you are having an excellent week so far! Mine is going great. Last week we visited Albany, NY. I have never been to Albany before, so I had no idea that there was so much history in New York's Capital. So many beautiful monuments! For a moment it looked like we were in Washington, DC. I wish I would have worned a more fashionable outfit but it was extremely windy and we had planned on doing a lot of walking. Every place we had planned on visiting, ended up being so close to each other, which enabled us to see every place on our list.


On our way to Albany, our GPS did not have Tolls enabled, so we went through back roads the whole time (what someone would call a scenic route), so it took us an extra hour to get there. On our way back we figured out what was wrong with the GPS and got home in less time (even with traffic).


Oliver was so upset at the horse on the last picture, he hated it and started barking at it like a crazy doggie, haha! It was so funny... 


We started out our day at the New York State Capitol. The building was gorgeous, so we took our time to look at the Building and take it all in. We visited The Egg, Empire State Plaza, Washington Park Historic District, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, the Board of Education, the Birthplace of Modern Electricity and walked by the New York State Museum. There was an Ice Skating Ring close to the Egg, but because we had Oliver and it was super chilly and continued our journey through Albany. 


I do recommend visiting Albany. There's so much history and I am sure once the flowers are blooming, the town looks even more beautiful. 


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