Enigmatic Mystic Seaport

March 1, 2016





















There's so much much to say about Mystic Seaport. This place has a charm that is uncomparable to any other place I've visited before. As soon as we got to Mystic, we looked around and were immediately captivated by this Town's incantation. We spent a few hours walking and exploring the area, taking pictures and wondering what it would be like to live in Mystic. It had a very small town feel, even though the residents looked rushed and busy. Nevertheless, I wish I could have a cute vacation home by the Ocean! It looks like in the summer it would be very pacific. Everywhere we looked seemed like it was taken out of a movie! 

Speaking of movies, unknowingly we ended up at Mystic Pizza, in which the movie Mystic Pizza (Julia Roberts) was shot. We had no idea, and it was an amazing coincidence. As soon as we got home we watched the movie, and it was remarkable to have been there. I haven't mentioned the Pizza yet, hmm... delicious! 


Every place that I visit lately just makes me look forward to the summer and revisiting all of these places. New England is perfect, because it is small enough that you can drive everywhere, and big enough that every week you get to see some place different.


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