New England Snow

February 26, 2016















The morning after a snow storm is the best time to play outside. The snow is fluffly and so light. After this particular Blizzard we had in New England, we went to the park to walk Oliver and take pictures (which is one of our favorite activities!). 

This was not Oliver's first time in the snow, however, it was the first time he saw this MUCH snow. It is safe to say that he loves it. I feel bad for not getting him booties for the snow yet, because he is fine for a few minutes, but after a while I can tell he starts feeling cold. 


Everytime we go to the park behind our house, we realize how priviledged we are to have a park as our backyard. It becomes so easy for us to go out and exercise (we have no excuse to not exercise Ha!). 


When it comes to my outfit, I am simply loving these new boots I got from Marshalls. These are extremely confortable, warm and perfect for the snow. They are also so stylish which is a plus. 

I have worned this outfit combination a few times already, and I don't get sick of the contract my Aeropostale faux fur jacket I got last winter. It can get too hot for spring or fall weather, but it is perfect for winter. 


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