Wadsworth Falls State Park

February 25, 2016
















My family and I got to visit Wadsworth Falls State Park during their vacation in New England. We were on our way to visit the PEZ Factory in Orange, CT, when we decided to stop by this charming State Park. State Parks are my kind of thing, they are all so distinctive and unique in their own way. I love exploring nature and spend as much time outdoors and I can. You end up exercising without even noticing it, which is great for your health.

This park has a guarded swim area, that I can only imagine being amazing during the summer time. It is so peaceful and gorgeous. I cannot wait to go back during the warm months. Connecticut has so much to offer when it comes to State Parks like this one. 


This Park also has the famous Wadsworth Falls, but because it was incredibly cold, we were not able to stay outside for too long. I plan on returning and finding the Falls very soon. 


When it comes to wearing gloves, I continue to fail... Ha! I keep forgetting to wear gloves when we leave the house. By the time I took that picture with the heart shaped leaf, I was already freezing. I think this time I've learned my lesson (probably not!). 


I also want to take the time to talk about my outfit and how much I am loving my new shirt. I got this one at Tommy Hilfiger and I adore it. I actually have another one in red and dark blue. It is so versatile, I can wear it on a weekend like this, or wear it to work and pair it with a nice black blazer. My pants are from H&M and they were a gift from my fiance. I am obsessed with these, they are so comfy and I love the zipper that in has on the back of the ankle. I have been wearing these so much ever since I got them. This is another multifaceted item that can be worn for work or weekend. My beenie and scarf were made by my grandmother and I love how it has bright spots, it is so cute and so many people ask me where I got it from. 


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