A Day in Guilford, Connecticut

February 11, 2016


















My fiance and I decided to visit a near by town. We were initially planning on spending the weekend out of state, however, we were both pretty exhausted from the work week. We ended up staying in Connecticut and visited the Town of Guilford for a day. 


There is so much to do in Guilford, including historic houses, scenic trails, art galleries and fishing boat trips. It us such a beautiful place to walk and take pictures. It has a small town feel, with a great historical background. We saw many houses that were built back in the early 18th century! One of the houses belonged to the Father of a Famous writer (which now unfortunaly I do not recall the name). 


I know it doesn't seem just by looking at the pictures, but it was extremely cold. When we left the house it was mild and we decided not to bring gloves (bad idea) it was windy and chilly. It was a great experience, however. We had a great time! I sure hope to visit during the summer and take advantage of this gorgeous beach we were at.






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