13 Songs That Will Spark your Creativity

November 1, 2015

So lately I have been feeling a bit unnispired. I have realized that the reason for that, is the fact that, I haven't been surrounding myself with inspirational and motivational things. That could be in my case, a book, a movie or a song. Songs are a very powerful tool in my life. It can move me in exceptional ways. A good inspirational song gets me going through the thoughest, roughest of days. 

So, why not share that with everyone? 

Below I share with you some independent, alternative, singer/soongwriter songs that I have been keeping on repeat for the past few weeks. These not only lift me up, but spark my creative side. Helps me compose more, write more and be more motivated towards life in general. 


One of my teachers once told me, to not watch the music video when you are introduced to a song for the first time. It will most likely influence your oppinion about the song. Make you like it or not like it for the wrong reasons. Listening to music could be a social activity or not. I would recommend listening with headphones and shutting off your brain if not only for a few minutes... 


(I have placed a link in each album artwork, so that it takes you directly to youtube.)




1. Slow Dancer by Noah Gundersen 






2. Always by Jeremiah Daly 






3. On The Radio by Regina Spektor






4. Home by The Falls






5. Fortune by William Fitzsimmons 






6. Gold in the Summertime by Matt Nathanson 






7. Hollows by Allman Brown






8. Up in Flames by Cassandra Jenkins







9. My Love Has Gone by Josh Rouse 






10. Counting Down by Nataly Dawn





11. Eyes Wide by Meadowlark






12. I Tried by Lucy Rose






13. Train Song by Feist & Ben Gibbard



I hope you enjoy these songs and that it sparks your creative side.





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