Halloween Fun

October 31, 2015















I have always loved Halloween, even when I was living in Portugal. Halloween is an American tradition that only catched on in the past few years. But me, being so Americanized like I have always been, I always had fun with my closest friends, dressing up, Trick or Treating at night and hosting Halloween Parties. 


Yesterday my fiance and I went to Petsmart, and purchased a Halloween costume for our babies. For the fercious feline we got a Captain American Dress and for the canine we got his a Hot Dog Costume. I mean, how cute do they look? We got a great deal on these. They were 75% off. I had no idea they would have such a great sale going on the day before Halloween. With the purchase I even got a $5 Off Coupon for Grooming Services! Now that's a great deal! If you need to get your pets a costume, I bet you can still purchase something on sale today.


I love taking pictures of them. Specially now with Oliver, I can have fun dressing him up. Melody doesn't show much emotion but she loves playing with her little brother. This photoshoot with them was very challenging, they never stop moving and I had to give them a million treats for them to pay attention to me. 


I hope you enjoyed my official first blog post on my new website. This one was done in kind of a rush but I just wanted to share my Halloween Obsession and wish you a Happy and Safe Halloween. 






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