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The invitations are here! I am so happy that we are finally mailing these out. It has been a long way coming, and this makes everything feel so real.

Since most of the guests are in Portugal, my Mom will be helping me with mailing these out to everyone. I can't wait to start receiving RSVP's back. 


I wish I had noticed the pictures were a little dark. The invitations are a creamy white, and we chose to include a texture on the paper. It makes such a big difference! It was so worth the money!


Last night, we added the shipping label on the envelopes, it took us a while to figure out how to do it, but it looks so professional. We initially thought, we were going to hand write it, until I wasted my first 2 envelopes. 


I am very happy with the final result, because the design is so classy and modern. It really transpires our personally and taste. 

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