Reena hart


My album "Waiting For You" was released on October 1st, 2013. This record took 2 and a half years to produce. It would not have been possible without the two very special people, Tony Rondini and Wayne Gamache.


Back in 2011, I signed with One Brick Wall Productions, an independent label in the heart of New England. I spent countless hours writing, recording and brainstorming new electronic sounds with my producers.


The album is driven by electric guitars and electronic sounds that echoes a melody that lives on each track, telling stories of love, determination and missing someone very dearly. We were fortunate enough to have the enormous pleasure to work with Earl Cohen, who has produced tracks for artists like Lady Gaga.


Waiting For You is for sale on iTunes and available on Spotify (player below). If you are old school like me and would like a physical copy, I can personally mail you a copy. Fill out form for more details. 

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