Hi guys! My name is Renata, but I go by Reena Hart. I am 26 years old and live in Connecticut.


I was born and raised in the Islands of Azores in Portugal. Having lived on an island for most of my life, helped me realize that the world is a vast beautiful oyster that has so much to offer. My biggest goal in life is to travel as much as possible, while building strong relationships with the people who matter the most. It's all about love, freedom and happiness.


I'm a Professional Marketer/ Digital Strategist who's also a Singer/Songwriter. Life is too beautiful to choose to focus all your time and energy on one single thing. That is why I decided to create my little digital space to story tell. I love a good story, especially when they are based on real life experiences. Here I aim to share with you destinations, music, outfit ideas and lifestyle in general. 

At age 16, I began singing. Music quickly became my biggest passion. So I decided to move away from my little island in the middle of the Atlantic. My boyfriend and I packed our bags and embarked on a journey together. I was searching for a career in music and he was looking to become an engineer. When I began college in 2011, I learned that life has so many possibilities to offer. Hence that marketing became my second passion. I created Reena Hart as a way to express myself. Reena is an extension of myself. She becomes fearless in front of an audience and gets transported to a different dimension when she sings live. A couple of years after moving to CT, I met 2 amazing producers who changed my life. They helped me achieve my biggest dream in life which was to record an album. 


Fast forward 7 years, I embraced the new me. I love music, writing, marketing and traveling. The New Englander Blog was born because of all of these passions. This blog is an important platform for me to story tell and to promote my stories, whether they are in blog, vlog or music form. 

Life is beautiful, life it to the fullest!


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